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06/09 : "Diffusion in (d)DNP : from theoretical concept to design of hyperpolarizing materials"

Samuel COUSIN donnera un séminaire vendredi 6 Septembre à 11 h, salle 019 (RDC ENSCL). Il est post-doctorant à l’Université de Lyon, dans l’équipe de Sami Jannin. 
Vous trouverez ci-dessous un résumé de sa présentation. 

Diffusion in (d)DNP : from theoretical concept to design of hyperpolarizing materials
Fifteen years after its invention, dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization (dDNP) has become one method of choice to enhance signals in both MRI and liquid state NMR. Despite exciting prospects, this method remains restricted to few research groups as it needs in principle to be performed at the point of use, with specialized equipment and personnel. However, a series of recent advances have successfully demonstrated that dDNP could potentially be performed remotely, i.e. without the need of a polarizer on-site.
In this work, we present the old concept of spin diffusion barrier, which bring new light for the creation of polarizing matrices termed HYperPolarizing Polymers (HYPOP). These matrices offer the possibility of physically separating the molecules of interest from the polarizing agents on hundreds of nanometer scales by immobilizing the polarizing agents inside the protonated porous polymer walls. This porous material can be hyperpolarized and impregnated with solutions of interest. Polarization is transferred to the target nuclear spins through 1H-1H spin diffusion followed by 1H-13C cross polarization.