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11/12 : "Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy of Molecular Endofullerenes"

Dear colleagues,

Pr. Malcolm Levitt from the University of Southampton (UK) will give a seminar next week, wednesday december 11th at 11 am, in the IEMN amphitheater about: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy of Molecular Endofullerenes Abstract: molecular endofullerenes consist of symmetrical carbon cages, with each cage containing a single small molecule. These systems have been made by organic synthesis. To date endofullerenes containing H2, H2O, HF and CH4 are known. Investigations by low-temperature NMR, infrared spectroscopy, THz spectroscopy and neutron scattering show that the spatial degrees of freedom of the endohedral molecules are quantized, with energy level structure appropriate to a “rotor in a box”. The spatial quantization is entangled with the spin quantization through the Pauli principle. Unusual physical phenomena are displayed such as spin-isomerism and quantum-rotor-induced polarization. I will review the quantum mechanics and spectroscopy of molecular endofullerenes, with emphasis given to the connections to magnetic resonance. Best regards, Jean-François Lampin